Women Specific Design:

ARCANE Custom Frames

We have had a lot of experience trying to fit Women to Bikes (To National Team Level) – and most of them would be better suited to a Custom Built Frame.

Our Custom Women’s Frames go way beyond what you can buy ‘off the shelf’ in your local Bike Shop.

Mass produced frames cannot cater for the range of sizes needed for a correct fit, and if you add to that the differences between Men & Women (Women have a smaller body then men /Women have shorter legs than men /The pelvis of women have a different inclination then men/ The curvature of the spine of women is greater then that of men etc.) – then you might see that riding a Bike built specially for you could give you the advantage in competition , or simply a better more enjoyable riding experience.



We start with a Full Bike Fit, and then sit down with the Rider to discuss Tubing Options , and Frame Design.

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The design will be tailored to your specific measurements and requirements, a once off , unique frame , built only for you.

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Custom Frame Builders design bikes to fit riders, matching their size, proportions and riding needs in one package.