The Carbon Myth:

Let me start by saying that the Bicycle Design Centre are big fans of well made Carbon Frames (That are only limited by Size & Geometery) – and we offer a Carbon Steel mix Frame that can be custom made to your own specifications – Click Here For Details).
However some of the latest (Cheaper & No Name Brands) Frames and Wheels, while certainly very light – are less responsive or rigid than they could or should be.

Most of the Big Name Bike Brands can be traced back to Manufacture in China / Taiwan etc. (Made In Germany / Italy / UK Labels usually means assembled or painted there).

A quick search online, and you will find Unbranded versions of all the best bikes on sale today, and at a fraction of the cost (Why a Branded Carbon Frame from a massive company should cost €4000 is another story).

Claims from willing buyers will say that they are ‘all made in the same factory’ – However recent statements from Top Brands about their manufacturing process would dispute this.
Also a major cycling magazine contains an allegation that smaller companies might be adding two layers of Fiberglass in to their process to increase profits..

On a recent Frame Design course , I was surprised to be shown Alignment , Design & Construction flaws on some top name Bike brands (On Sale in the Shops).

Be careful what and where you buy – even in your Local bike shop, bring some measuring tools, and Check the Frame thoroughly.

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